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Wholesale Air Plants

Established in 2011, GREEN GARDEN prides itself on the range and quality of its air plants. Based in Palm City, we are committed to providing wholesale customers with innovative products and excellent service. Contact us today!

A Beautiful Selection of Plants

With years of experience, GREEN GARDEN offers a beautiful selection of plants, including:

  • Junceas
  • Bulbosas
  • Melanocraters
  • Ionathas
  • Xerographicas
  • Faciculatas.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Top Quality and Beautiful Air Plants

Air plants are native to deserts, forests, and mountain regions of Central and South America. With the ability to grow without soil, they live exclusively off air and water.

GREEN GARDEN specializes in providing top quality and beautiful air plants.

Fueled by our passion for plants, we are committed to delivering the finest air plants for wholesale purposes. Contact us today!

We stock the finest air plants

Wholesale Air Plants Palm Beach
Wholesale Air Plants Palm City

Outstanding Services

Air plants vary greatly in size, shape, and texture. They produce beautiful flowers of different colors, including purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. Call GREEN GARDEN and discover our wide range of air plants!

With years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding services, as well as the ability to carefully grow and select air plants for each customer.

We offer delivery throughout Southern Florida

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  • Years of experience
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